June 4, 2023

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$ 550 million | The New York Times pays for the sports site The Athlete

(New York) The New York Times Will receive sports information site Athletes, Which has become a benchmark in its industry in six years, is the new signal of the newspaper team’s diversification, several media outlets reported on Thursday.

According to the site Information, The first to report on surgery, The Times Will cost about $ 550 million.

Requested by AFP, or not New York Times நி Athletes Not immediately followed.

Launched in 2016, Athletes He hired well-known journalists in major American cities and bet on paid sports information with a strong local presence.

Taking advantage of the poor health of the local press, which was often financially drained, the site for sports information in the United States quickly became an essential destination.

1.2 million subscribers, but no profit

By the end of 2021, according to several US media outlets, it had about 1.2 million subscribers.

The site has grown rapidly, launching the UK version in 2019 and partnering with Australian television team Optus Sport in 2021.

He has produced several podcasts, including the popular The Lead.

But, according to many American media, Athletes Having difficulty making a profit, it is currently considering re-centralizing its strategy.

Diversification and freshness

In recent years, the New York Times It has launched a targeted acquisition policy to diversify and refresh its audience and improve its offer from culinary recipes to podcasts.

In 2016, he bought the place Wire builder, In the appearance of the first hugely successful “serial” in the podcast universe, in June 2020, before taking control of Studio Serial Productions, testing and recommending products.

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According to the Crunchbase database, Athletes It has raised a total of $ 139.5 million from investors since its inception, and was between $ 500 million and $ 1 billion when it was last raised in January 2020.