December 1, 2022

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A “better leader” | Trump has called for the re-election of Hungarian Victor Orban

(Washington) Former US President Donald Trump on Monday declared his “full support” for the re-election campaign of radical Conservative Hungarian leader Vikor Orban, “a great leader respected by all.”

Prime Minister Victor Orban hailed Donald Trump in a highly laudable statement as “loving his country wholeheartedly and seeking the protection of his people,” calling for support for the sovereign leader in the April 2022 elections, which is expected to be very tight.

“Protect Hungary, Prevent Illegal Immigration and Create Jobs” Citing Orban’s “significant work” on themes beloved by the former US president, Donald Trump promised him “his full support”. “He is a great leader and respected by all,” he stressed.

While he was still in power, Donald Trump spoke out against several European leaders in Washington. Orban received and was highly critical of the Hungarian leader’s stance on immigrants and LGBT people.

Victor Orban, meanwhile, lamented the loss of “great international support” after Donald Trump left the White House. Standing apart from many international condemnations, he also called on the United States not to “settle” after the attack on Capitol Hill by Republican billionaire supporters.

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