December 1, 2022

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A third dose is important to defeat the corona virus

Several recent studies have shown that a third dose of the COV-19 vaccine can dramatically reduce hospitalization and disease-related mortality.

The fact that the potential of the Omigron variant affects a large number of people tests our patience. However, these infections should not lose sight of the fact that a complete vaccine, including a booster dose, is the best way to protect us from the severe forms of COVID-19 and ultimately win our battle against the corona virus. A recent study shows that this booster dose increases the level of antibodies activated against omigran by a factor of 10 and also increases the potency (Avidity) of these antibodies against the virus. The importance of booster dose comes from the ability of memory immune cells involved in antibody production to reactivate and D-cell-mediated cellular immunity.

The way out of the crisis depends on the vaccine for two main reasons:

  • The third dose provides spectacular protection against the risk of developing severe forms of COVID-19: 90% reduction in hospital admissions and 95% reduction in hospital admissions, 58% protection in hospital admissions and 59% deaths in those who take only two doses. Vaccine.
  • The protection provided by three-dose vaccines against infection by Omicron is approximately 50%, which is the limit of effectiveness required by the FDA for approval of vaccines against COVID-19 at the onset of infection. The booster dose is important in controlling the spread of the virus.

So there is a significant difference between the effectiveness of the booster vaccine against infections and the number of hospitalizations and deaths. This difference is important because the high number of omigran infections in recent months can give the false impression that receiving a third dose makes no sense. In contrast, this booster dose is absolutely necessary to adequately protect against hospital admissions and deaths caused by COVID-19.

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