June 4, 2023

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Attack on journalists in Haiti | According to one survivor, the mob was “a better weapon than the police”

(Port-au-Prince) “Bullets fired”: The only survivor of an attack in which two Haitian journalists lost their lives on Thursday was killed by a mob on the outskirts of Port-au-Prince, Wilmann Vil is now missing. Fear of being discovered by these criminal gangs, according to unsuspecting networks.

Amelia Baron
French Media Company

Together with Wilguens Louissaint and Amady John Wesley, Wilman advanced Thursday as part of a report on a dry river bed in the center of a mountain that overlooks the Haitian capital.

Fully exposed, they were targeted late in the morning by a mob seeking to dominate the countryside, which has become a strategy to reach southern Haiti.

“Guns shoot, they shoot relentlessly,” Wilman recalled in a phone interview with Will.

The 31-year-old reporter takes refuge under the trees on the shore, climbs a section of the hill and is protected by farmers as he explains his plight.

Fire eruptions

“They made me sit up and I picked up my phone to call Amadi,” he has worked for a decade.

“I asked him where he was and he said, ‘They have captured me and I am with them,'” the online media employee RL product reported.

Wilman Will asked his colleague to plead with the gang members to save him and Wilkuns Luisent.

“Amadi kept telling them, ‘We are not bandits, we are journalists. We came to make a statement. [de lui] You can ask ”.

But explosions of gunfire echoed at the end of the line, and the survivor of the attack realized he had to flee as quickly as possible.

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“People in the area gave me clothes so I could modify and go much smarter,” said the journalist, who was housed by residents in a small house.

“Along the way, I saw armed comrades already climbing on the roofs of houses looking for me,” he explains in a very quick voice.

Aware of the great danger of protecting someone wanted by the mob, the farm workers found him as a taxi-motorbike driver who could evacuate him in the company of a local elected official, outside the zone controlled by armed groups.

“It is better to have a weapon than a police force”

Safely and loudly, the reporter saw his daily silence shatter.

“My daughter [de 4 ans] She’s scared, she’s told me she’s not asleep, and Wilman sighs as he stays in a third – party home with his family because he’s afraid of the spies holding the gang. [son] Piece “.

In many cases, the journalist knows the motives of the gangs who meet them to prepare reports.

“These guys are all powerful,” he says. “I saw how they work in ghettos.”

“They have so many weapons, those who work for them, they would never have the idea to say they were in a gang,” Wilman warns.

In shock after the death of two of his colleagues, he went on to testify to the Judicial Police, but did not have much faith in seeing the killers respond to their actions.

“They know who they are, and the police know where they are: they have their phone numbers,” Wilman said.

Fatalist, though he wishes, believes that the Haitian police will not be able to expel the gangs from the areas they have captured because they are “more armed than the police”.

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Without naming them, the thirty-year-old condemns the responsibility of powerful personalities in the fall of Haiti in the current security crisis.

“I do not protect the bandits, they are the culprits,” he insists.

Wilman Will, who plans to be deported to protect his family, regrets that his “country was really ruined by looting.”