June 4, 2023

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Bolsanaro underestimates the Omigron eruption in Brazil as “not killing anyone”

Brazilian President Jair Bolzano on Wednesday underestimated the dizziness increase in Covit-19 cases with the advent of the Omigron variant, which, according to experts, could soon overload hospitals again.

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“Omigron did not kill anyone. The man who died in the Coyote already had serious problems, especially in the lungs, ”the head of state announced in an interview with the Gazette Brazil site.

According to municipal officials in Aparacida de Goiania, this patient from the state of Goiz (Midwest) was the first confirmed death of the Omigran variant in Brazil. According to experts, this variant has already become the majority in Brazil.

“Omigran has already spread around the world, and those who know what they are talking about say it is highly contagious, but with very low mortality,” he added.

“Some even say it could be a vaccine virus. Some educated and serious people unrelated to the pharmaceutical industry say Omigran is welcome and could be a sign of an end to the epidemic,” the far-right president stressed.

According to the latest official report released by the Ministry of Health on Tuesday evening, Brazil recorded 70,765 new Covid-19 cases in 24 hours, eight times more than two weeks ago (8,430).

An average of 43,660 daily pollutants moving in the last seven days, unheard of since the end of July.

In the state of Rio de Janeiro (south-east), for example, the number of daily cases increased by 1,500% in two weeks. Nevertheless, President Bolzano strongly opposes any restrictive action.

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“Our economy will not support further blockade. Brazil will go bankrupt,” he said in an interview with the Gazette Brazil.

He reaffirmed his support for the controversial study of “collective immunity” provided by mass pollution.

“Combined immunity is a fact. A person who has been vaccinated with the virus has more antibodies than a person who has been vaccinated. (…) For example, I have not been vaccinated, I’m fine,” he said.

According to Jair Bolsanaro, Covit-19 is a “politicized disease”: “I am probably the only head of state in the world who has the courage to speak out.”

Since the onset of the epidemic, Brazilian President Covid-19 has consistently been criticized by experts for his efforts to combat the rejection of specific prisons, wearing masks and vaccinations.

In October, a Senate commission of inquiry recommended that he be charged with nine counts, including “crimes against humanity” when more than 620,000 people died in the country.