December 2, 2022

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COVID-19 cases are on the rise in tourist areas of Mexico

Two tourist destinations in Mexico that are busy on vacation are seeing the highest number of COVID-19 related cases.

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According to federal data, these are the Quintana Rupee, which attracts tourists to other places in the Cancun, Toulom and Riviera Maya, and the popular Baja California Sur in the twin Pacific resorts that make up Los Cabos.

During the holidays, the beaches and beaches of La Paz, the capital of Baja California Surin, located on the Cortes Sea, were packed with tourists, the Associated Press reported.

At the onset of the epidemic, these popular sites were shut down.

South of Los Cabos, hotels are 75% capacity during the Christmas week, according to the Federal Tourism Department. People were tired of imprisonment and wanted to take advantage of it.

Infections also increased in this transport.

Baja California Sur recorded 700 new infections on December 29, up from an earlier record of 600 cases in July.

According to Mexican President Andrs Manuel Lopez Obrador, the vaccine has helped alleviate some of the population’s anxiety without completely easing it.

Daniela Yepis, a stylist in La Paz, seems to have developed anxiety after an increase in infections several days after Christmas, if she was canceled in large numbers. “People have stopped coming,” he said.

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