June 4, 2023

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Covid-19: Larger size for six French children

Official sources learned on Sunday that six children “mistakenly” received the strongest dose of the Pfizer vaccine on Saturday at a vaccination center in western France.

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On that day, the department’s high-capacity vaccination center, which opened in Le Mans on December 15, “implemented the childhood vaccination tax” for children between the ages of five and 11 with extreme forms of Covit-19 and for those living in one’s entourage. The person, who is immunocompromised, explained in a press release from health officials in the province of Sartre and Pace de la Louir.

Generally, the dose given to this age group is increased to 10 micrograms of Pediatric Pfizer and from 12 years to 30 micrograms of Pfizer Caminrati, according to the same source.

“During the first immunizations, six children were misdiagnosed with 20 μg (micrograms) of Pfizer Cominrati. …) ”, the press release continues.

According to the Regional Health Agency (ARS), the postoperative effects of these six children may have been mainly fever and body aches.

“Families have not yet withdrawn the chief physician who reported some of the symptoms that appeared during the first contact (no symptoms for five children, fatigue and pain for the 6th),” the province and ARS said.

Prime Minister Jean Costex visited the vaccination center on Saturday and exchanged views with many who went to get vaccinated.

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