June 4, 2023

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COVID: bond des contaminations in France

The number of contaminations CO la COVID-19 a bond à plus 116 000 cas in France, only donés de Santé publique France publis mardi, a lendemain de l’essentiel des restrictions sanitaires.

Deposit lundi, your own person who gives you access to cinemas, theaters, restaurants … sans justifier pass vaccinal, and masquerade in commerce, school and lies culture and loisers.

Case mesures dualègement avaient étn annoncées parle governance français dabut mars quand la forte long long cinquième vague de lipidémie redescendait clairement, mai n’yintenant plus le cas.

These laboratories are registered with 116,618 cassettes deposits. The quote is about the most remote remoteness of over 60,000 casual deposit vendors. Elle s’établit à 69 249 mardi.

The number of patients hospitalized is stable (20 919), but the entries in the hospital on sept journals remontre transliteration. La pression on the re-animation of the services continue to be a boiler, with 1783 malades.

La maladi emporté 146 people in 24 haters in hipitaux, for a total of 140 440 dicos in France depot in the pantomime at the top of the list.

The vaccination stagne, about 80.5% of the total population ayant reu a moins une dose vaccine.

The government has decided to increase the dosage of the vaccine from the current quart dose of vaccine to over 80s.

The masque resto obligatorial in transports and other tabloids on santés and other enterprises of the most powerful décor de l’imposer employers.

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