February 7, 2023

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Dangerous accident at the shooting site: “This is always the responsibility of the stumbling block man”

“Ultimately, obstacles are always responsible”: According to Guillome Delush, a Hollywood gunman for almost 30 years, a dangerous shot during a shoot with Alec Baldwin would never have happened if all safety protocols had been followed. .

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“There is nothing wrong with that, no one should die for a film,” the Frenchman, who specializes in guns, told AFP with 75 films.

Question: What precautionary measures are taken to avoid such accidents?

Answer: “Procedures for flights are doubled or tripled, and there is a whole series of very strict protocols.

Empty weapons are treated like real weapons. Often, moreover, these are real weapons that have been modified.

The weapons are kept safe. As soon as they arrive on board, we arrange for plain ammunition, which has labels and color codes to distinguish them: foot load, half load, full load, etc.

First, we show the crew that the gun is empty before loading it. When we place empty bullets in a weapon, we declare it out loud several times.

It is the role of the stalemate or gunman to ensure that the actor uses the weapon properly.

We have very strict safety distances: you cannot place anyone in front of an weapon less than 20 feet or less than six meters. Because even with empty cartridges, small pieces of debris can be thrown away.

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It is best not to target someone directly, so you frame the shot with the cinematographer and give the illusion that the person is actually in line of fire when he comes out of the stairs.

If we want to be close, without a cast, we put Plexiglas walls, we cover the operators and machines with fire blankets. They break ear muffs and glasses.

These protocols have been used systematically in filming for a very long time.

Q: Could there have been an accident anyway?

A: “First of all, it should be noted that such accidents are fortunately very rare in filming.

This usually happens when you put live bullets in the shoot. However, real ammunition has nothing to do with shooting, because we also use fake bullets, which can be confusing with them!

Another possibility is that a fake bullet is detached from the fitted socket. If the bullet is embedded in the barrel of the gun and an empty bullet is placed behind it, it will become a real ammunition.

This is what Brandon Lee lost his life (in the 1993 “Crow” collection, editorial note). There was no test by obstacles, which would have avoided the accident.

When an accident happens, there is always a chain of errors ahead. “

Q: Can’t we use fake weapons and special effects?

A: “Fake weapons can outweigh the real ones, but it’s not the best. We use real weapons to protect credibility and help actors play.

It is quite possible to add post-product digital effects. The problem with that is that you carry the back, the smoke, which adds something to the acting. When you give the actor a latex or plastic gun and then combine the bullet effect with the digital effects, there is still a clear difference.

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A lot of directors and actors like to use real guns.