June 4, 2023

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Debate over vaccine passport in France | Political storm around Macron’s words

(Paris) Prime Minister Jean Costex on Wednesday called on delegates to expedite the study of the text on establishing a vaccine passport, considering Emmanuel Macron’s controversial comments that he was prepared to “biz off” those who had not been vaccinated.

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“Those who are not vaccinated, I want to persecute them. So we will continue to do so to the end. This is the strategy,” the head of state said in an interview. Parisian Tuesday. “When my freedom threatens the freedom of others, I become irresponsible. An irresponsible person is no longer a citizen, ”he added.

Jean Costex, who was called to explain himself, first confirmed his desire to pressurize those who had not been vaccinated during questions with the government before the Senate. “Who is insulting the nation? Who is destroying the country? Who is leading the caretakers in our emergencies to make dramatic ethical choices? Well, this is a small minority,” he said.

The Prime Minister then urged them to “discuss the text as soon as possible” in view of the health situation, in the presence of the delegates who were discussing the bill to convert the health passport into a vaccine passport in a tense situation.

About 335,000 new COVID-19 pollutants are expected to be registered on Wednesday, more than 270,000 on Tuesday, Health Minister Olivier Véran told the legislature. On Wednesday, 66,000 people were vaccinated for the first time, a record since the 1st.There is In October, he stressed, it seems to be making contact with management pressure.

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“There is trouble with fellow citizens who refuse to be vaccinated. This is not an insult to anyone, it is true, ”he said. Costex called for “the personal responsibility of every citizen of the Republic.”

Valerie Rabault, the patron saint of PS delegates, lamented, “We waited for an apology, we had an alibi,” when the head of government pointed out that “the name of the president has not been pronounced even once.” LR Vice President Julien Aubert “.

“Cold Populism”

About twenty minutes before the Prime Minister addressed the gathering, the leaders of the opposition called on him instead of Emmanuel Macron’s words, “They always want to break up the French community only for political purposes.” And testify to the “cold and calculated populism”, according to Damien Abbott, boss of LR Representatives.

“Do you accept these words?” Communist Pierre Darrell asked.

Christoph Costner, head of the LREM delegation, called for “peace” and mocked his modem counterpart, Patrick Mignola, for mocking the LRs for their covert desire to help the government 49-3 to “cover up the divisions” within their group. “We have to go to the end when it is announced that we will support a speech,” he said with a thud.

At noon, government spokesman Gabriel Attal described Emmanuel Macron’s words as “far less than the anger of the majority French people.”

But he rejected Rule 49-3 to pass the bill on the grounds that “the majority is ready to vote on it.”

450 amendments are still on the menu and with several interruptions in the session at the request of the Left, the debates in the Assembly are slowly advancing in a tense situation.

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Report to the Senate

Debate resumed in the Assembly on Tuesday evening, with the opposition holding a handcuffed welcome vote, with the night being abruptly adjourned from Monday to Tuesday.

Delegates acknowledged the difficult issue of the immunization passport, which was postponed for 12 to 16 years for school trips and course and extracurricular activities.

But the interview with the head of state resumed and discussions resumed, after one request, failed, with opposition to see the Jean Costex hemicycle coming.

Mark Fesno, the Minister for Relations with Parliament, said the implementation of the January 15 vaccination passport was “a goal”.

However, the table is still in danger of being derailed. The text exam in the Senate, which was due to be debated on Thursday, should be postponed to next week. A conference of presidents is scheduled for Wednesday afternoon to review the agenda.

The leader of the LR senators, Bruno Retailio, who has a majority in the upper house, felt it was necessary to “put the game down” in “frenetic weather”.

Epidemiologist Eric Coms told him that he “understood” Emmanuel Macron’s “probably controlled skating” as a physician, which highlights the “enthusiasm” of caregivers for those who have not been vaccinated.