December 1, 2022

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Explosion in Haiti | The death toll has risen to 75

(Cap-Haitien) The death toll from a tanker truck explosion in Haiti on Tuesday has risen to 75, after a dozen people were seriously injured in the disaster on Wednesday, Haiti’s director of civil defense said on Wednesday evening.

“Our latest situation report is that 75 people have died, 47 with severe burns and 12 with mild burns,” hospitalized across the country, Haitian Civil Defense Director Jerry Chandler told AFP.

“We are currently working hard to strengthen the local health infrastructure: our field hospital is nearing completion of its installation and we plan to operate in 7 to 10 days,” he explained.

The temporary organization set up in the gymnasium of Cape-Haiti, the site of the tragedy, will thank the material support of the World Health Organization in particular and the staff mobilized by the Haitian Ministry of Health. By Jerry Chandler.

Photo by Odelin Joseph, Associated Press

The blast set cars and houses on fire, killing 66 people and injuring dozens more.

From Monday to Tuesday night, the driver of the tanker tried to avoid a collision with a motorcycle taxi and then lost control of his vehicle and overturned, Cape-Haitian city deputy mayor Patrick Almoner said Tuesday. .

Following the crash, Jerry Chandler told AFP, “Members of the population used the opportunity to collect fuel by filling temporary containers, which was the basis of a devastating explosion.”

As of Tuesday, about twenty injured people had been transferred to hospitals across the country, including the Médecins sans frontières organization in Port-au-Prince, the only organization specializing in caring for severe burns in Haiti.

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“We operated overnight and for now, 12 of our patients are stable,” MSF Medical Coordinator Jean Gilbert Nadong said Wednesday morning.

“We are still expecting a dozen patients to be lined up by the MSF team that went to Cape Town yesterday. A team of surgeons, anesthesiologists and nurses specializing in burns,” Endang said.

Haiti, the poorest country in the Caribbean, is gripped by severe fuel shortages as gangs strangle part of a refueling circuit.

In recent months, armed gangs have increased their hold on Port-au-Prince, controlling the roads leading to the country’s three oil terminals.

More than 12 fuel transport vehicles were hijacked by the mob, who demanded a large ransom to free the drivers, which caused severe dissatisfaction among the people.