December 1, 2022

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Fossey says it is “almost certain” that Omigron is not more intense than Delta

Leading scientist Anthony Fossie told AFP on Tuesday that it was “almost certain” that the Omicron variant would not cause more serious cases of COVID-19 than the Delta, and that “two weeks would be necessary to wait.” Becomes less dangerous.

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“It’s almost certain he’s not more serious than Delta,” said a White House adviser on the health crisis. “There are some indications that this may be even less severe,” he said in a phone interview.

“I think it’s at least two more weeks in South Africa, and then when there are more infections in other parts of the world, it may take us longer to see the real severity,” he said.

He warned not to exaggerate the data coming from South Africa, as the population of this country is very young.

But the new variant is “clearly very contagious” anyway, says Dr. Fassi, who may be more than delta.

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