June 26, 2022

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Guerre en Ukraine | Chef de l’ONU va rencontrer Poutine mardi prochain

(Moscou) is the finalist in Antonio Guterres’s central prochaine in Russie’s on Vladimir Poutine’s, the first reconsidered depot on the offensive Russe in Ukraine.

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On the 26th of April, Antonio Guterres arrives at the General Antonio Guterres’ Mosque to discuss with the Minister Russe des Affair on Sergei Lavrov. Ila sera également re the president Vladimir Poutine, the clerk’s portrait of Kremlin, Dmitri Peskov. L’ONU a par la suite confirm this visit.

M. Guterres envoy mardi des lettres au President Poutine et à son homologue ukraini volodymyr Zelensky, pour lemer demander dtre re à Mosquou et Kyiv.

In this concert is a place called Kyiv, where we travel to Ukraine on the Calendars and Privacy Policies, the Daily Certificate of Presse une Porta parole de l’ONU, Eri Kaneko.

Deposit the l’intervention russe in Ukraine’s 24 fivier, l’ONU est marginalis dans in conflit, entre autras à cause rupture provoke for this crese entre cinq membranes permanently conseil privacy don’s moscovite partie Paris, Londres et Pékin.

Deposit M. Guterres affirm that Russie viola la Charte de l’ONU in envoyant des tropes in Ukraine, the President russe dicline tout contact with lrigonte l’ONU, query refunds your telephone.

M. Guterres is one of the most sought after contacts in the UK, with the highest quality telephone connection, the 26filler.

Mardi, the latest offensive offensive russe in the latest Ukrainian and demand aux parties in combat for a quarter of humanitarian quartz journeys in Pokâmon orthodox.

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