December 2, 2022

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Mike Pence for the first convocation of commission on the surrogate Capital

Vice President of Mike Pike Mike Pence assigns you as your compatible devotee of the Commission’s Inquiries on Capitol, the affirmative body of all members of the House of Commons Adam Schiff, avant’s novels audit publishers. semaine prochaine.

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Ire À lyre aussi: YouTube retire a video of the commission on Donald Trump

Jeudi, this commission parliament avait datailil, lors dneune troisièeme audition retransmise live à tlévision, les nombreuses pressions exercisers l’anncien President Donald Trump on his vice-president for tenter de l’empêcher certifi lae victory In the event, 6 January 2021.

«Here we find certain people-clues we navvons pas encore interrogator, and we aimerions interroger a, Diclaré dimanche on CNN Adam Schiff. Questionnén on the possibilities dune assignment M compiler de Mike Pence, here: ‘C’est certainly une possibly.

We’re the nexxluons you’re personally, at-a ajouté, your most accurate or passable dvoiler quelles conversations privacy (étaie) or non en train davoir lieu concerns some individually.

Les elmant formant cette commission – sept dmocrates et dux rpublicains – ont déjà entendu more than 1 000 tmoins, dont dex enfants de langcien prasident, pour faire la lumiere on fails and guests percussion Donald Trump avant’s événement.

Of the 6 Americans on the 10 (58%) mark that Donald Trump devoted his life to his own death in 6 Janvier, only one Sondage ABC News / Ipsos public dimanche. This chiffre is currently reporting on 52% d’Amricains d’Clarant in avril, avant dibut des auditions de la commission d’Inquate.

But 9% of Americans do not have a very strong case for auditions, at the very least.

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«Vie en danger

Les prochaines auditions public this cive commission given avir lieu mardi et jeudi en milieu daily updates. Mardi, this quatrième session portera sur les pressions exercises on des élus locaux de certains atsts, notam in Gorgie, lors du comptage des voix.

Lors’s appealing telephonic recordings from Gorgie, Brad Raffensperger, Donald Trump’s demand is always found to collect the ballots in the vote for the search engine’s license.

On January 6, the proclamation of certification of results results in the congressional hearing about the incident being the simplest and most formal procedure. But President Trump avait tenté de forcer la main de Mike Pence to block the process.

M. Pence avait finale publis une letter dans lakville il affirmait ne pas en avoir les pouvoirs. At that moment, the manifesto pro-Trump spokesman presses the author of the Congregation – which images circulate in the monday entier.

In these journals, one of the hors d’oeuvres camp all the campaigns in the press on, is also on NBC Jamie Raskin’s, the Democratic Chamber of Commons presents and members on the commission.

Ces pressions on «mis sa vie in danger on, ont’s estimé Adam Schiff.

In the foul quo prenait le Congrats d’assaut, des partisan de Donald Trump appeals à pendre Mike Pence.

Après de longs mois de silence, lancien vice-president a new public publication lorreur 6 janvier lors d’un discourses in Floride, mi-fivrier.

TrumpLeverend Trump a dit que que j’avis le droit dinverser l’lection, mais le President Trump a tort », at-il affirmé, actant sa rupture definive avec llancien dofiire.

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