August 14, 2022

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Misinformation about the Govit-19 vaccine | Marjorie Taylor Green’s Twitter account closed

(Washington) Twitter announced on Sunday that it had permanently suspended the accounts of Marjorie Taylor Green, a Republican elected official accused of violating social networking rules in reporting on the epidemic.

The social network shut down his personal account mtgreenee, in which this staunch supporter of Donald Trump, known for his extravagant actions, published many misinformation about the anti-Govt-19 vaccine in particular.

MMe Greene recreated allegations of electoral fraud stamped without evidence by the former president, although he has control of the elected ையில்RepMTG account in the House of Representatives, which he has so far used sparingly.

The social network did not specify which messages were problematic, but noted in a report sent to the AFP its step-by-step “penalty system” that it imposes a number of violations before suspending the account.

The controversial pick had already seen his account blocked for a week in August because he tweeted that the vaccines were “not working”. On Saturday, he reiterated that “the highest number of deaths due to the vaccine against COVID-19” was without any fact of fact.

Sunday, mMe Green was critical of the permit: Twitter “is the enemy of the United States and cannot face the truth,” he wrote in a statement.

“It simply came to our notice then that the United States did not need them. ”

After the attack on Donald Trump on January 6, 2021, the social network blocked him, whitewashing him by inciting “stolen elections” by his supporters.

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