June 4, 2023

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More than $ 930 million divorce for Dubai’s sovereignty

This is a record amount for the British judiciary in divorce matters: Dubai’s Sovereign Mohammed Ben Rachet al-Maktoum was ordered in London on Tuesday to pay more than 640 million euros (over $ 933 million). Ex-wife and their children.

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The verdict is the latest in a series of legal battles exposing kidnappings, boat leaks and computer hacks within the Amir’s family in the strategic city state of the Gulf.

The 72-year-old head of government of the United Arab Emirates will have to pay 25 251.5 million (approximately $ 430 million) to his sixth wife, Princess Haya, 47, of Jordan, who fled to London in 2019. Two children.

He will also have to pay for their children Al Jalila, 14, and Saeed, nine, which could cover a total of 0 290 million (approximately $ 500 million) in alimony and their care-related expenses. , According to the judgment of the court. Family Affairs released on Tuesday.

The total amount, including tens of thousands of pounds of vacation or pet-related expenses, can vary depending on a number of factors, including whether the children are compatible with their father.

These financial compensation measures are considered to be the most important in the context of the settlement of the divorce in the English courts from the case of Tatiana Akhmedova, the ex-wife of Russian billionaire Farkat Akhmedova.

At the end of 2016, Justice had given Ms Akhmedova 41% of her ex-husband’s assets, which is currently 7 775 million and over 3 453 million.

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A spokesman for Mohammed bin Rachet al-Maktoum said the latter had “always ensured that his children were not in need.”

“The court has now given its decision on the financial aspect and he did not wish to comment,” the spokesman continued, adding that “he urges the media to respect the privacy of his children and not to interfere in their lives in the UK.”


Judge Moore ruled that “their situation and the general threats they face in situations such as terrorism and kidnapping (children of sovereignty) are particularly vulnerable and enhanced security is needed to ensure their safety in this country.”

“The main threat they face (sovereignty) comes from him, not from the outside,” he said.

In October, the High Court ruled that Mohammed bin Rochet al-Maktoum, who had long-standing diplomatic relations with Elizabeth II, had shared his love of horses with the Queen and allowed his wife’s phone and the phone of her British lawyers to be hacked.

The hacking was not proven to be linked to a legal battle between him and his wife in the UK to get their two children back to Dubai, but 265 megabytes of “huge” amount of data was taken from Princess Haya’s phone. (24 hour voice recording or 500 photos).

The judge emphasized that the mother was “persecuted and intimidated” before and after leaving for the UK, and said that “those who act on her behalf are willing to tolerate what is being done illegally in the United Kingdom.”

In March 2020, the Family Court ruled that the Sovereign was “planning and ordering” the abduction of his two children, Princess Shamshah and his sister Latifa.

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Princess Latifa, who failed to escape from Dubai by boat in 2018, told her father to stay “hostage” for a while. Last June, he said he was “free to travel” through his law firm.

He had called on the British police to re-investigate the abduction of his older sister Shamshah in Cambridge in 2000, in a letter dated February 2021 published by the BBC.