December 2, 2022

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New Jersey | The airport security officer rescued the child

(Newark) At the security checkpoint at Newark Liberty International Airport in New Jersey, a security guard jumped on a package carousel and rescued a two-month-old baby boy who had stopped breathing.

Images released by the U.S. National Transportation Safety Agency (TSA) on Thursday show Constable Cecilia Morales rushing to resuscitate a child on December 9th.

Cecilia Morales, a paramedic who had been a security guard for about two months, said she had made a child version of the Heimlich maneuver, holding the child face down on her arm and patting her on the back for breathing.

This is the first time a child has used the technique, he said. After a while a pediatric assistant came to give the baby oxygen. A TSA spokesman said the agency did not know what caused the baby to suffocate.

“I watched the video after that,” Cecilia Morales said. It was the first time I had ever seen myself in a life-saving activity. It was breathtaking to watch. I felt my training and my experience getting the upper hand.

“Two months of work and he’s already a lifeline,” Thomas Carter, TSA’s federal defense director for New Jersey, said in a statement. Agent Morales’ quick reaction and actions made possible a happy vacation for the family. His actions were encouraging. ”

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