June 4, 2023

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Notre journalists encore bosculé par des manifestators

At that moment the police service’s all-around durcir or ton avecs manifesto distributor des tracts les avertissant quil devile quitter la vous sous pine face fire à des accusations criminals, rien ne semblai avoir bougé mercredi, 11h.

Notre journalist Yves Poirier, who constitutes the situation in the capital nation, is one of the most inspiring and inspiring individuals in the world, both the most inspiring and the most prolific son’s traveler and the second place’s diffiles.

Plus, you can easily find your micro and courier camera on the camera.

Aucun policier n’est intervening and new symbol presents this sectur oi psiyurs manifestos se troviaient, on rue Wellington. A group of police officers ensuite you to cinq minutes plus tard quiz quotes in maison.

Genevieve Pettersen commented on QUB radio:

Mario Dumont, which assists in the situation, I revenite you to implement completely.

«Le chef de police d’Ottawa qui a démissionné hier, on comprehend pourquoi, et nea ne assemble pas mtre mieux ce matin. These are just some of the goal setting shareware that you can use. Prens all sorts of mites. Une person is live, and des gens comme ç lintimide, bouscule. La police intervient immédiatement, embarking on gens instantanment! It’s a wonderful way to screw people over and get rid of them, Ottawa, irefire journalists des quit est strictly interdit!

*** Voyez la sequence in the video ci-dessus. ***

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