December 1, 2022

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Omicron hospital admission rate is low, a British study has found

Two studies conducted in the UK and published on Wednesday show that hospital admissions for the omigran variant of COVID-19 are less likely to be hospitalized compared to the delta variant, confirming a trend that was first observed in South Africa.

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These preliminary studies – one from Scotland and the other from the UK – were welcomed by experts, however they were cautious and pointed out that a higher transfer rate of variation could lead to even more cases.

“What we are saying is good news with nuances – with nuances, because these are early observations, which are statistically significant and we reduce the risk of being admitted to the hospital,” Jim McMennim, co-author of the Scottish study, told reporters in a phone call.

Scottish research looked at the cases recorded in November and December and divided them into two groups: Delta on the one hand and Omigron on the other.

According to the study, “Omigron is associated with a two-thirds reduction in hospital-admitted risk compared to Delta”.


A booster dose has also been shown to provide significant additional protection against symptomatic infection.

This is a small study that did not see anyone admitted to the hospital and under the age of 60, but the authors said they corrected those limitations using statistical methods.

The second study, from the UK, found a 20-25% reduction in any type of admission to Omigran Hospital and a 40-45% reduction in overnight stay (“admission”) compared to Delta.

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The Scottish study saw only combinations.

“While the Omicron variant promises to reduce the risk of hospital admissions, the risk of infection remains very high,” said Azra Ghani, co-author of the English study at Imperial College London.


“By adding a booster dose, vaccines continue to provide better protection against infection and hospitalization.”

No studies have been reviewed yet, but they do add to the growing evidence of omigran.

It is unclear whether the decrease in the rate of severe cases seen with Omicron is due to variant characteristics or whether it appears to be lower due to vaccination or due to higher immunity encountered in people with Govt disease. Last

“This news does not carry over from the abnormal spread of this variation in the population, and even a small proportion of people who require hospital treatment for Govt disease may become very large in the rate of spread.