December 2, 2022

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Photo taken over 200 km by a hurricane in the United States

A photo of a family torn from a hurricane-hit home in the United States on Friday night, traveling more than 200 kilometers in the wind, according to a story posted online by an American.

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Katie Boston, who left her home in New Albany, Indiana, on Saturday morning, drew her gaze toward this little black and white snapshot stuck to the window of her car.

On the back of “Gertie Swatzell and JD Swatzell, 1942” is a picture of a woman holding a baby in a striped dress, with all the traces of a family photo.

Ms. Boston came up with the idea of ​​posting the snapshot on her Twitter and Facebook accounts, hoping to find its owners.

His message, widely shared by the Internet community, allowed him to communicate with a family in Dawson Springs, Kentucky, which was partially destroyed by the power of the hurricane.

Swatsells, a member of the family, identified the photo and identified the occupants. “Wow. I have to think she’s traveled so far. These are my paternal grandparents,” Cole Swatchell wrote on Facebook.

About 210 kilometers when the crow flies, it separates two cities located in two different states, Dawson Springs and New Albany.

Katie Boston has announced that she will be returning her photo to the Swatsel family.

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