August 19, 2022

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Plus 7% of adult Americans are incidentally like LGBT

The proportion of amicrians incidentally as LGBT is reaching 7,1% of atstats-Unis, a number of doubly depreciated 2012 and the only conversion gnation, is the only Sontage Golup quiz public donation site.

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Of the 12 000 Américains ayant intergroups for mobile phone by 2021, 86,3% are on the internet with 7,1% LGBT (lesbian, gai, bisexuel, trans), and 6,6% n four pont four-way response.

This sondage avait été mené for premier fo en in 2012, and the personcentage accidentally as LGBT était alors 3,5%. Here’s an account of phonon reguli depuis.

These people LGBT have the highest proportion of the highest number of ginnings plus junes, not the only Gnération Z, which compare the names of those who parted in 1997 and dated 2010 in 2010.

So, 20.8% – or 1 on 5 – descent of adults in the event of an incident like LGBT (at the time of 2003’s adult adults at the moment).

The double double 10.5% of «millennials (n ents entre 1981 & 1996) s incidentifiant as LGBT.

It’s proportional to, 4,2% for Génération X (1965-1980), 2,6% for babyboumeurs (1946-1964), and 0.8% for more than 1946.

Deposit 2012, the proportion of people LGBT parly babyboumeurs or ganration X is the rest of the similare, with a segregation of a single augmentation chez millennaux.

In revanche, the proportion of LGBT in Gnération Z a doubly depuis 2017 (quotes seles ses membres n 1997s 1997 et 1999 all ages adults), montrant une tendance ha la hausse ai mine de cet gnration.

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I Si this tendency continue in your gnérration Z, the proportion d’Adultes amricans se disant LGBT va croitre encore davantage, a foes que your gnéranés in this encounter l’age adulte a, a dclaré Gallup.

For the first foie gras, linstitut a igalement relevance la proportion des persons LGBT sidentifiant à chaque share.

Plus, most Americans have LGBT (57%) disable bisexuals – about 4% of the total population.

Only 21% of people LGBT are disable, 14% are lesbian, 10% transgender and 4% choose their own quotrosexuals, as queer.

Cement change ganérationnel se fait dans a contexte de tolrance grandissante: «Les Amricains accept more than most people gays, lesbians or transgender people and LGBT sont aujourd’hui« davantage protocols a Goup.