September 27, 2022

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Plus more than 200 novels of dicouverts in the megong, in WWF

Bangkok | Des scientifiques ontcouvert more than 200 new novels in Grand Mokong in 2020, by racing a Fond Mondial pour in nature (WWF), enlivening the climatic and l’Exploitation forest in the forest.

Parmi ces dicouvertes figure a new primate, a poisson des cavernes inclore and a serpent irisé dont écailles, autonantes, ne se chewauchent pas.

A total of 224 novels of spice plants and animated vertebrates on the track – including comparisons of Birmanie, Thailand, Laos, Cambodge and Vietnam – indie the WWF’s Discoveries of New Species Discoveries.

The images of Singer Langur de Popa, which you have in your volcanic edition of Mont Popa, are located in the center of Birmanie, on the outside.

This is primarily an important part of the chassis, l’Exploitation forest and the other dhabitat. Selon des estimates, seals 200 à 250 individually subsistent au total.

Au Vietnam, chercheurs ont dicouvert, à plus 2000 m daltitude, grenouille cornue du Mont Ky Quan San, aux coulurs vives.

The Grand Duke of Grand Mokong is one of the most biodiversity, Greek and sesame variants: on and found in the jungle, montagne, or encore describes formations.

Here are some of the best impressions – and most memorabilia – the monday, not the fastest, léliphant d’Asie and the poisson-chat gant du Mkong.

The WWF soul is the rhythm of the latest novels of the spies – more than 3000 deputies 1997 – the world’s most prolific source of ecosystems fragments.

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