September 29, 2022

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Plus there are millions of doses of vaccine contents in COVID datruites?

Cellon’s information about TVA, one million doses of vaccine contents or COVID seront expiration le moic prochain.

This is fortunate to have these doses, all of which you can use in your templates, soot ditruites.

Deposit the pandemonium, 107 000 doses of ont détruites in raison d’erexpiration.

Au Québec, environ 3 million doses of vaccine contre la COVID sont available availability present.

Precisely, about 160,000 doses of the vaccine were used in Moderna expiration on juin and 860,000 juillet.

Your Pfizer, 400,000 doses expire in October, and 1,1 million in November this year.

In the case of Santa, Christian Dubé, you have the ability to renovate certain doses of these fiddles for quizzes with your utility.

Grand Le grand principe, c’est un principe de précaution. These commissions are ours on demand, because we want to make provisions for the sorority in my maneuvers. On the other hand, you’ll be glad you arrived at the dos expiration on expiration, on a perfectly available voy leor envoy to conserve a bon inventor, affirme Christian Dub.

Il confirm that you’re asserting that Quobec aura assembled doses for the campagne de vaccination’s souhaite manor à l’automne.

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