September 27, 2022

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Social Reforms | Democrat Senator Mancin Biden rejects the plan

(Washington) Democrat Senator Joe Munch on Sunday announced his refusal to support a $ 2 trillion social spending bill that could affect President Joe Biden’s major reform.

Hope yen
Associated Press

Mr Mansin said on the Fox Network that he was always clear about expressing doubts about the bill. He said after more than five months of negotiations and discussions, the bill could not be voted on.

The West Virginia Senator explains that many factors, such as stable inflation, rising debt, or the Omigron variance, prevent people from voting for this “elephant” bill.

Looking at the current outlook … I have always said that if I could not explain my support to the people of West Virginia, I would not vote for this bill. I did everything I could, but I could not support it. This is a denial.

Joe Mancin, a Democratic senator from West Virginia

President Biden agreed last week that negotiations on his bill would continue early next year. He said Joe Manzin had reiterated his support for the legislative framework proposed by the White House and some Democratic senators.

Mansin said Sunday that this was the president’s opinion, not his.

As expected, Mr. Mancin’s announcement caused great dissatisfaction in the White House.

“We’ll continue to talk to him to see if he’s ever changed his mind about staying true to his previous duties.”

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