December 1, 2022

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The threat of a U.S. federal government shutdown is approaching

(Washington) The threat that the US federal government will run out of funds over the weekend grew in the United States on Wednesday as congressional officials have not yet agreed on a budget to avert this highly undesirable situation.

U.S. lawmakers must approve a new fiscal law by Friday evening to avoid a sudden shutdown of federal services known as “strikes” that will push hundreds of thousands of workers into technical unemployment.

Departments but national parks, some museums and many institutions will be affected. The 2018 winter shutdown is the longest to date, affecting package screening, especially at airports.

Despite the strong discriminatory divisions, most of the officers selected from both camps did not like the situation, which could lead to destruction before the holidays.

But a handful of elected Republicans, most of whom are very close to Donald Trump, have refused to support this budget, arguing that it would help fund the implementation of vaccine obligations in the country, which they oppose.

In a statement, they urged their colleagues in the Senate on Wednesday to use “all the tools at their disposal” to prevent the implementation of this provisional law, thus putting pressure on the Biden administration.

Several Democrats, who urgently need the support of Republicans to pass a new finance law by Friday, expressed their enthusiasm.

“It is irresponsible to shut down our government as we step into the winter and prepare for the effects of the Omicron variant – all in the name of fighting the need for a vaccine to increase vaccination rates and save lives.”

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Last minute deals are very common in temporary budgets. But the situation was uncertain and many economists began to calculate the cost of the ban.

According to the Oxford Economics Institute, a week-long “shutdown” will cost the US economy $ 6 billion.