December 1, 2022

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Ukraine: The end of the crisis for Biden and Putin

Diplomats from 30 NATO member states are meeting with Moscow representatives in Brussels today to continue US-Russia talks in Geneva on Ukraine.

At the end of the talks, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Rybkov declared: “We have explained to our colleagues that we have no plans to attack Ukraine and no intention to attack Ukraine,” and that he “has no reason to fear an increase.” But no significant progress has been made. Both sides agreed to continue efforts to reduce tensions.

Russia is demanding that NATO guarantee that it will never grant membership to Ukraine, which the United States has categorically rejected. For 30 years, the Atlantic Treaty has welcomed the three states of the Soviet Union, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. What now for Ukraine? Putin said, “Enough is enough! “He (in color!) Dreams of reorganizing the Soviet Union, the decay of which, according to him, is the greatest geopolitical disaster of the XX.”e Century ”.

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But is he really preparing for war with Ukraine? I do not think so. Putin, as I said before, is a murderer, a lawless but prudent dictator. Biden’s domestic political problems he seeks to limit his freedom to operate internationally.

Solution: Intermediate missiles

To alleviate the crisis, Putin must be allowed to save face, and both parties must find a “win-win” solution that can go wild. I believe it was with this in mind that the United States proposed that Russia and the United States limit their military exercises and missile deployments in Eastern Europe.

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In late December, Putin and Biden held a telephone conversation in which the US president assured the Russian president that Washington had no intention of maintaining offensive weapons in Ukraine. He then offered to discuss the future for the Russians to deploy intermediate nuclear missiles in Europe. It may be a way out of the current stalemate: we are talking about another thing we can agree on.

What about Canada in all of this?

Ottawa fully supports Ukraine’s sovereignty and offers its candidacy for NATO. When Russia annexed Crimea from Ukraine in 2014, Canada imposed sanctions on more than 430 Russian and Ukrainian individuals and companies.

About 200 Canadian soldiers are currently training members of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. Despite Russia’s claim that NATO has no military intervention, it will be difficult for them to avoid fighting if Russia invades the country.

Trudeau has promised the United States that he is ready to help with tough sanctions against Russia. Sanctions being considered by Washington include, among other things, the exclusion of major Russian financial institutions from global transactions and a ban on key computer technologies for Russia.