August 14, 2022

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Vaccine for children 5 to 11 years of age: What to do if there is a disagreement between parents?

If only one of the two parents agrees that their child will be vaccinated with COVID-19, what is the way for each to confirm their position?

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Interviewed on the show For your business, Lawyer in Family and Youth Law M.Sc.e Valérie Assouline Undoubtedly: “Court approval required if parents oppose vaccination”.

The lawyer also advises parents to avoid going to vaccinate the child without the knowledge of the opponent.

“This is not the best idea of ​​the century,” he said, adding that the gesture was “not much appreciated by the courts.”

“It is very important to value the parental authority of both parents,” says Ms.e Azoline.

However, he notes that a judge will evaluate the best interests of the child to provide a decision.

“Under current law, vaccination is in the best interests of the child and respect for public health rules,” the lawyer underlined.

He therefore believes that a judge has the opportunity to rule in favor of parents who want to see their child vaccinated.

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