June 4, 2023

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Washington warns Beijing in Taiwan ahead of Biden-Xi summit

The United States sent a new warning to Beijing on Saturday regarding Taiwan, ahead of a virtual summit scheduled for Monday between US Presidents Joe Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping.

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In an interview with US Secretary of State Wang Yi, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said he was “concerned about the military, diplomatic and economic pressure on the People’s Republic of China against Taiwan”.

MM Biden and Xi are scheduled to meet for the third time via video conference Monday night in Washington time (Tuesday in Beijing). Conversation between MM. Blingen and Wang were ready for this summit.

The State Department has urged Beijing to engage in “meaningful dialogue” to resolve its differences with Taipei “peacefully and in accordance with the wishes and interests of the people of Taiwan.”

As the Biden-Xi summit escalates disputes between Washington and Beijing, they each stand firm on their positions on trade or human rights.

Tensions have risen in recent weeks over Taiwan, which sees Beijing as a rebel province that needs to return to its fold. China has stepped up military action near the island in recent months, and Washington has reaffirmed its commitment to help Taipei build and strengthen its defenses.

Monday’s summit “provides an opportunity for the two leaders to discuss how to handle the rivalry between the United States and the People’s Republic of China responsibly, while at the same time working together on areas of alignment of interests,” the State Department said.

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