June 4, 2023

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Yemen: Female model beauty sentenced to 5 years in prison by rebels

சனா | Rebel news agency Sabah reports that a young female model has been sentenced to five years in prison by Houthi rebels in Yemen for engaging in “drugs” and “prostitution” in an investigation condemned by international NGOs.

Intissar al-Hammadi was arrested on February 20, 19 at the age of 19 while on a photo shoot in the capital, Sanaa, under the control of Islamic rebels, targeting certain women and imposing harsh social standards.

“The Houthis were outraged to learn that Indisar was sentenced to five years in prison, one, three, five years for the other women!” The sentence is unjust and politically motivated, ”Afra Nasser, a Yemeni researcher with Human Rights Watch, said on Twitter after the rebel group’s official announcement on Sunday evening.

The investigation into Ms. Hammadi and several of her colleagues began on June 6, which was condemned by the NGO as “unjustified practice” and “a case distorted by malpractices and malpractices.”

According to her argument, the real reason for her arrest was that the young woman’s business was followed by thousands of subscribers on Instagram and Facebook.

Born to an Ethiopian mother and Yemeni father, Indissar al-Hammadi posted dozens of photos on social media in traditional dresses or jeans and leather jackets with or without an Islamic veil.

In May, Amnesty International, a non-profit organization, said he was “physically and verbally abused” and was “forced to confess to a number of crimes, including” possession of drugs and “prostitution.”

The Gulf Center for Human Rights (GCHR) pointed out that a young woman incarcerated had attempted suicide in June.

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Violence against women in Yemen, one of the worst humanitarian disasters in the world, according to the UN, was exacerbated by the conflict that began in 2014 in the country, especially in Houthi-controlled areas.